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Our main activity is representation of clients before courts at all levels and of all types, as well as representation during negotiations outside of court (before the commencement of proceedings), and we further specialise in representation related to industrial property at the Czech Industrial Property Office, the EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and the European Patent Office (EPO). Of course, we also prepare contracts and other supporting legal documents for clients.

The legal services that we provide to clients are based on thorough knowledge of valid law, court jurisprudence as well as economic and commercial aspects and additional experience, and when we provide our legal services we make use of this knowledge for comprehensive solutions corresponding to our client's interests. We attempt to eliminate protracted disputes before courts and administrative bodies, and therefore we first give our clients the opportunity to resolve disputes outside of court.

When providing our legal services, we cooperate closely with renowned tax advisers, auditors, authorised financial and insurance brokers, including internationally, where we cooperate with other law and patent firms. The services that we provide to clients also include notarial services, financial, tax and insurance advice, private debt collection services and the services of court experts as well as private detective services.

We are seated in Prague in the quite villa quarter in Podolí.

We primarily provide legal services in the area of private and IP law. More details about our services can be found in the section provided legal services.

For our firm:

JUDr. Mgr. Michal Pospíšil, Ph.D. LL.M.

Mgr. Vilém Kin

Provided legal services

PrávoOur team primarily provides legal services in the areas of civil, commercial and intellectual property law.

Areas of provided services

  • Binding commercial law
  • Industrial property law
  • Corporate law
  • Antitrust law
  • Copyright law
  • Asset execution law
  • Administrative law
  • Personal data protection
  • Exchange and cheque law
  • Securities

We mainly focus on all legal matters relating to business activity, and we provide business operators with a wide range of legal services to support their activities. Whether a contract is entered into, a dispute is waged or it becomes necessary to satisfy various legal and official requirements, we are able to actively focus on finding solutions, offer possible variants and implement the client’s selected variant which best suits the client’s wishes and interests. We cannot guarantee success in business, but we are prepared to assist you with problems of a legal character.

We also provide legal services to citizens, municipalities, public administration bodies, associations and other parties involved in civil law relationships, personal data protection, family and employment law and administrative law. We are able to assist you with matters such as resolution of property relationships during the purchase, sale and management of real estate, with exercising your entitlements stemming from contracts or other circumstances, collecting compensation for damages and negotiations with administrative bodies.

In all of these matters, we provide professional legal consultation and prepared legal analyses, and we draft documents, verify signatures, accept deposits, represent clients in court proceedings at all levels, in arbitration proceedings, during mediation, in proceedings before the Czech Industrial Property Office, before the EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), before the European Patent Office (EPO) and before other administrative bodies.

Especially in the area of industrial property law, we conduct research for clients prior to recording of details, and we ensure submission of patent registration, usable and industrial samples, trademarks, origin labels and geographical labels. We directly represent clients in proceedings before the Czech Industrial Property Office, the EU Intellectual Property Office (trademarks and designs) and the European Patent Office in Munich (patents). We also ensure the management and maintenance of our client's portfolios and their industrial property rights.

Fees for the provision of legal services are based on the contractual rate sheet, which is available for clients to view at the firm’s main office. The specific amount of fees is calculated either based on the number of legal service tasks provided (when a task may be drafting of a lawsuit or a commenced hour of a court hearing), and its amount is determined based on the type of proceedings in which representation takes place or the hourly rate, if it is more advantageous for the client. The hourly rate varies depending on the type of provided legal services.

Miscellaneous professional activity

Members of our firm are involved in publication activities, and in the past they have created publications for publishers including Verlag Dashofer, nakladatelství s.r.o. (products Firemní právník (Corporate Attorney), Jednatelem bez rizika (Becoming an Executive Officer without Risk), Soukromý právník pro podnikatele (Private Attorney for Business Operators), Úspěšné řesení pohledávek v praxi (Successful Resolution of Receivables in Practice) and others), and the firm currently also publishes for Wolters Kluwer ČR, C. H. Beck, I. P. Media Group, focusing on binding law, community law, personal data protection, administrative law, anti-trust law and industrial rights.

Dr Pospíšil works as a university teacher (Metropolitan University Prague, Department of Industrial Property) and is involved in related publishing activities.

Dr Pospíšil is a registered court expert on patents and inventions with a scope (specialisation) covering all industrial rights.

Obchodní právo (Commercial Law) magazine

Dr Pospíšil is the chairman of the editorial board of the professional commercial law magazine Obchodní právo (Commericial Law magazine), which has been on the market of professional law magazines for more than 25 years, and its editorial board is comprised of leading legal experts, including attorneys, judges and university professors. The magazine’s publisher is the renowned international publishing company Wolters Kluwer, a.s.

Firm’s seat: Na Podkovce 282/12, 147 00 Prague 4 – Podolí

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